Sea World Spooktacular Trick or Treat

The beauty of Sea World San Diego’s Spooktacular Trick or Treat is that this is not a separately ticketed event. That means any Sea World ticket used on a day that a Spooktacular Trick or Treat is happening (in 2018, weekends from September 22 to October 28) is a ticket to trick or treat! The rides, attractions and shows are still open, weather dependent, so consider it a day of family fun in aquariums, learning about the animals, and enjoy some Halloween-themed fun as well!Sea World San Diego Spooktacular


Trick or Treating:

  • There are several trick or treat stations throughout the park. There will be a sign at the beginning of the line to show you what you are getting if you have a concern for allergy or don’t want your child to get it. There were a couple of chocolate stations, most things were fruit bars or popcorn.Sea World Spooktacular

Sesame Street Halloween Parade:

  • On the weekend evenings, there is an all new Halloween parade this year. It is a short parade route, and fills up quickly. The parade is at 7:15, and you can begin to sit along the route at 6:30. If the parade is your priority, get there are 6:30 to find a seat. It was very crowded, and for kiddos to see – they had to be held up or on shoulders (so make sure you have enough adults to hold kiddos up.)

    Sea World Spooktacular
    Note the crowds along the route

Dine with Elmo and Friends:

  • If you want one-on-one time with Sesame Street characters up close, there is the addition of dinner with the characters. You can reserve seating online and get $5 discount on adult fare. We didn’t get a chance to do this, so I cannot speak to the buffet or experience, but it is something we wanted to do, so thought I would share that this is an option.

Singing Pumpkins

#milmomadventures tips

  • Bring your own bag for candy – aligned with the mission of SeaWorld of Park to Planet, they do have reusable bags for purchase if you do not bring any.
  • If you want to do a dining package, book early – there was no availability on the day we went.
  • Waves of Honor tickets can be used anytime in a calendar year, which means if you didn’t use yours this year – you still can! We did! Remember that children under 3 do not require a ticket.
  • Bring layers of clothes – being on the water, it can be breezy in the afternoon.
  • There is a Dance Party near the Skytower – if you are visiting with sensitive ears, recommend going around this area.
  • High winds will close rides like the Skytower, be flexible and understanding in that.
  • If you are doing Waves of Honor tickets, set it up online before you go and your tickets can be scanned from your phone.

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