The Calm After the PCS Storm

Good Morning, Camp Pendleton! We recently arrived back to the area after a brief stay elsewhere in the country, and it feels so good to be back under the SoCal sunshine.

A few little thoughts now that the dust has settled and we’re (almost totally) unpacked:

It’s OK to move in slowly and take your time getting to know your new space! Don’t stress over having the perfectly put together and decorated house, it will happen organically as you start to feel more at home.

Set up your kids’ play area first. This will keep them occupied while you work on unpacking and decorating. As soon as I verified that Amazon Prime could deliver on base, I ordered a tent and fairy lights for our play area. I had been dreaming of doing this for the last 6 months, and getting it all set up has made the house feel so much more cozy.

I wish I could remember who to credit for this: if you don’t feel at home yet in your new space, just invite people over for a get together. Your space will feel like home when you fill it with friends and good cheer. This pillow arrived from a sweet friend just days after we moved in, and the quote is absolutely perfect.

Embrace the new space: your furniture might not fit where you want it to, but try to use what you’ve got in new ways. Ask friends for their advice! I was recently lamenting how our area rugs were too small for our new space. A friend (Hi, KR!) suggested turning one rug in the opposite direction, and layering a few other rugs for a bohemian look which would also cover the floor space – genius! A fresh set of eyes can help you figure out how to make things work. It also helps if you live in base housing and can tour neighbors’ homes to see how they set up the identical space!

Take the time to sit back and relax! I honestly don’t have too much trouble with this one! One of the first purchases for our new-to-us home? A box of tea and a Bluetooth speaker. So we can sit in our camp chairs after the kids go to bed, have a cuppa, and plan out how we’ll finish organizing and decorating. While listening to 80’s music, of course.

Happy Start of PCS Season to you, my Milfriends! What advice do you have to share about setting up a new home? Comment below, we’d love to hear!

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