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Dates are elusive to most parents. To military families who have already crazy schedules of deployments, work-ups, field exercises (need I go on) and then add in a new move to a new area – it can add extra pressure to find a date night that is worth the time, money and energy. Why not date in the morning? The Marine Room in La Jolla, California is the ultimate luxurious breakfast date place.

The Marine Room

Opening in 1941, The Marine Room became known as the place to go surf side cocktails and stunning cuisine. There are pictures within the entryway of the restaurant that showcase women in their hats and gloves and men with the dark-rimmed glasses and pipes enjoying a drink by the windows at hightide. While smoking is no longer allowed indoors, the ambience and dedication to service still continues.

#MilMomAdventureTip: Parking is on the street or VIP in the lot next to the restaurant. This is not metered parking but you may be parking a block or two away.

This MilMom recently went for High Tide Breakfast. The Marine Room Instagram posted the High Tide Breakfast dates and we made a reservation on Open Table (get those points!).  
Personally, this restaurant is a sentimental choice as we celebrated here early in our marriage. As a parent now, it is the ideal place to go. When we go out, we want to go somewhere where we know we are getting an experience because the next date could be a year away. We want the food to be amazing, the ambience to be spectacular and the service to be excellent. Those three things are all met and more at The Marine Room.

The High Tide meals are announced on their social media accounts and website. These are announced a month or two in advance when they have the high tide schedule. It is so relaxing to sip coffee while watching the waves crash against the building. The next High Tide breakfast is THIS weekend and again December 8-9 and 22-23. The breakfast buffet is plentiful, and not your normal breakfast buffet. Expect a cheese and fruit variety, crepes, egg omelets made to order, salmon and oh – that dessert bar. Bring your appetite, you will want to try it all. The buffet includes juice, coffee and all you can eat at $58 per person at the time of writing. It is worth the investment in your relationship,and lets be honest – the food is out of this world. The beauty of a breakfast date is you may be able to go when kids are in school, so no additional babysitter cost.

The Marine Room is not your normal date place. The beach side location in La Jolla is pictureworthy, the ambience is calm and relaxing – a welcome change from the sometimes chaotic life of the military, and the food is astounding. For anyone living inthe area, or living the nomadic life and living here for a few years, add The Marine Room to your Southern California bucket list, and you will not be disappointed.

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