Thinking Green – Beyond Traditional Recycling

With Earth Day this week, we have been thinking about the ways we can have an impact on our world. With the help of an online group, we discovered lots of ways to recycle and help beyond the traditional recycling of passing down clothes to neighbors or Goodwill. While we have not used all of these resources, we are happy to share ways that others have shared they have recycled! Have old mascara wands or bras? There are ways to recycle those!

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Mascara Wands:

Send in used wands to these two locations, and they will be reused to help rehabilitate and clean wildlife!

Appalachian Wild P.O.Box 1121 Skyland, NC 28776

Wildlife Wands P.O.Box 1586 Southwick, MA 01077

Markers (any brand):

Crayola: Have any markers of any brand, and send them into Crayola and they will be recycled! Search to see if your local school is registered as a drop off point. If your school doesn’t have a recycle area set up, you can get one set up!


H&M: Donate at least 5 items and get a coupon discount for an in-store purchase. This not only recycles but also helps the budget! The recycled clothes are sorted and donated, and some may be reused into new items! This is a win-win!

BlueJeansGoGreen: Find stores that will take your old denim to give it new life in a new product!

Bras: Looking for somewhere to send those old bras? Look for drop off locations that will donate gently used bras to charity or send them in for recycling.

Madewell: As part of their recycling program, Madewell gives $20 off coupon for a new pair of jeans when you bring in an old pair.


Some schools take broken electronics for children to dissect to determine how things work.

School libraries are usually more than happy to take your gently used books! So if you are looking to lower your weight allowance for a move, sharing some books may be an ideal way to do that and share your love of reading!

Cell Phones:

EcoATM: Takes old cellphones and dispenses cash

Women’s Shelters: Depending on your local area, shelters often take many things including cell phones for use of those staying there.


Humane Society and Animal Hospitals in your local area often take these for their use.

Travel Shampoo/Conditioner:

If you are moving, chances are you are staying in hotels along the way. Those little shampoos and conditioners may be helpful on the road, but what about the extras? Consider bringing them to a local emergency room who hands out wellness packs to local homeless. Or bring them to the local homeless shelter. These products will be used and appreciated.

[Conservation is] “is the chief material question that confronts us, second only—and second always—to the great fundamental questions of morality” – Theodore Roosevelt

Read more here in Smithosonian Magazine.

Do you have any recycling tips to add? Message us to let us know by clicking the “contact” button or my leaving a comment. Want to get your kids involved in helping the earth? Check out the book 50 Simple Things Kids Can Do To Save The Earth on Amazon! It is one of our favorites, and was literally a book from OUR childhood!

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