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Halloween at Legoland

Today’s post is written by the resident 10 year old. Some people say that LEGOLAND is only for little kids, but given the fact that the 10 year old found 10 things that she looks forward to, then it is still worth the visit.

If you’re planning a trip to LEGOLAND in California you should try out these activities, food  and rides. Here are the top 10 things to do while there.

Legoland CA Pop Badges
Photo by MilMomAdventures
  1. Pop badges – There are eight different LEGOLAND locations around the world however, pop badges are exclusive to California. If you don’t know, pop badges are badges that you pop on and off with different pictures based on different items and locations in LEGOLAND. There is are special Mr. Gold pop badges which are hidden with an employee. There are only 10 hidden every day and you really have to keep your eyes peeled. Even if an employee is not wearing it on their shirt, they could have it hidden on their pockets.

  1. The Dragon Coaster – If you are a roller coaster fan then you should ride this. While it may not be one of the fastest coasters it has lots of detail and is one of the busiest attractions. The details go so far to a fun disco dragon with lights and music on Halloween. Party time! There are many fun elements to this ride including a life-sized dragon of LEGO™as well as many other LEGO™-made features! If you seek it you shall find it at Castle Hill. Enjoy the ride as you conquer the mighty dragon!

  1. Water park – While not the main park, the water park is still a big attraction that is definitely something to try. There are tons of different areas from just regular LEGO™ or DUPLO to Pirate or Chima LEGO™. It’s actually pretty big, there’s even something for the littles, a small duplo area. There is the nice Build – a – raft river but a warning that there’s some water spraying, not too much though. You can also ride the waves at Chima or slide down a swirling water slide. There are cabanas for those who wish to rent them with towels and a mini-fridge. The water park is definitely something to try while there. The water park hours of operation are posted on the website and app, but generally the water park is open May through September.

The technic coaster – a four seater car that travels along the technic track Photo by MilMomAdventures
  1. Technic Coaster – The technic coaster is the fastest coaster of LEGOLAND California and is another very popular attraction. It’s an exhilerating coaster with lots of turns. If you have a light stomach this is not the ride for you. While there are not really details, the carts made out of “LEGO™ Technic pieces” make a fun ride that could never be forgotten. You will find it in the imagination zone.

Legoland CA Minifigure Wall
The mini figure wall moves around the park. Ask at Guest Services if you want to trade on the wall specifically. Photo by MilMomAdventures
  1. Minifigure trading – If you collect minifigures and have some doubles grab them before you go! There are minifigure trading stations all over the parks and a moving giant minifigure wall. Some employees also carry around minifigures to trade. You can find some of the best minifigures there. They come with every part, including hair. When bringing minifigures to trade you do not have to bring hair or accessories so you can trade the worst for the best. Minifigures are available for buying as well if you want to have a quick trade. You can even make your own minifigures if you are looking for something to keep and you can add one accessory. For that you have to pay but the minifigure trading in general has no price and can be fun for the whole family.

  1. Mindstorms – If you are looking for a fun activity for the older kids then you should try Mindstorms. When doing this you should go there first to make a reservation. It’s there where you can code a LEGO™ robot through many missions with many different tools. It lasts for about an hour, you must be 9 or above to go, and adults are allowed to go in with their kid. There is LEGO™ City space where you can build a rocket or a rover for the younger kids while you’re waiting for the others to be done. It is pretty difficult to find the right pieces and there is a small rover race. It gives you an opportunity to be creative and have fun. Both are found in the Imagination Zone. Experiment and have fun!

  1. Miniland – While not a main attraction it can be fun to look at the big town built of over two million LEGO™ bricks. There is a lot of work done to build this and more is being done today for the LEGO™ San Diego which is scheduled to finish March 23, 2023. If the kids want to have fun, there are various buttons to push throughout miniland with many different results. You can play the music in a band or sail a ship. There are sometimes scavenger hunts to find LEGO™ items throughout miniland. One hunt was to find instruments including a guitar and tuba.

Lego Founder
While not in Miniland, there are LEGO creations all over the park including the founder of LEGO group in 1932, Ole Kirk Kristiansen. Photo by MilMomAdventures
  1. Hideaways – A fun playground full of adventure and two teams. Are you an eagle or a wolf? Through tunnels, up ladders and nets, down slides. It’s an obstacle course that all the kids can enjoy. A 7 year old said “It is my favorite playground in the whole wide world!”. It is something well loved by all ages and is a popular activity. This is a place for the kids to go to use all their energy with a friend or sibling. Find it at Castle Hill near the royal joust. Enjoy the great adventure!

  1. Emmet’s Flying Adventure – Emmet’s Flying Adventure is a full-dome virtual screen ride. If you are prone to motion sickness it is advised that you take a motion-sickness pill before going on the ride. You get to fly in a race through the many different LEGO™ worlds in this year’s master builder competition, Masters of Flight. Emmet has built a triple decker couch for all of you. Who will win the competition?

  1. Holidays – There are many different holidays for LEGOLAND so if you are planning a visit try to schedule one for a holiday. They have ninjago weekends with their taiko drums, brick-or-treat with scented pop badge and monster dance, Red, White & Boom for the fourth of july, and a new year’s countdown for everybody. Don’t forget Christmas, the biggest of them all! Check out the giant LEGO™ christmas tree with over 400 LEGO™ ornaments!!!! Have a jolly good year!

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    Halloween at Legoland
    Brick or Treat at Legoland is one of our favorite, kid-friendly events Photo by MilMomAdventures

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