Update Your Wardrobe Without Leaving Home

Moms are busy. It is not a new phenomenon. Raising up little kids is hard work. Add to the mix being a solo-parent during deployments and field exercises, being a working Mom, or a Mom that wears the uniform of service herself –there is limited time for Mom to make time for Mom.

That is why we want to talk about the ways we discovered to update our wardrobe without going to the store.

Why, you ask? There are a lot of reasons to update yourwardrobe:

  • To get clothing that fits you well and is comfortable. Bodies change. Babies change bodies. While you are busy working your 24/7 Mom hustle make sure you have the clothing you need to move confidently and do everything you need to do.

  • Another reason is to feel stylish. It is allowed. Having something new in your wardrobe rotation that makes you feel good can be a confidence boost.

  • A final reason which is unique to our lifestyle: you may need an outfit for a homecoming, promotion ceremony, change of command ceremony, military ball or other function with a dress code.

Last year I tried three services to update my wardrobe without leaving home. Two were subscription boxes and one Amazon service. These were all ways that helped me keep my wardrobe at my convenience.

Trendsend by Evereve

This is a subscription box that send 2-3 styled outfits to your house for you to try on. You fill out a personal style survey and a stylist selects items for you to try. My favorite aspect of this service is there is no fee and no obligation. The only catch is if you receive three boxes and do not keep anything they will end your subscription. It is a fair price for a free box. The items they sent me were fun and allowed me to consider new styles. My honest review as a 30-something year old Mom is that the items they sent me were too trendy and youthful. Although this was not for me it might be exactly what you the reader are looking for.

Image capture from Trendsend.com


Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix is similar to Trendsend in that it is a subscription service where a stylist picks out five items of clothing for you to try on based on a style profile you fill out. The style profile asks questions about body type as well as preferences for fit and length of different types of clothing. Unlike Trendsend, the box is not free. There is a $20 styling fee for box. That $20 can be applied to any item you choose to keep (so if you like a $38 top and already paid $20 for the box, you can get the top for $18). The clothing is shipped to you in a box with a pre-labeled return envelope. I felt the stylists really thought about the style profile I filled out as well as the notes I leave them about what I want to add to my wardrobe. The clothing items are always things I would not pick myself but often end up becoming favorite things for me to wear. MILMOMTip: ask around to see if any of your friends or neighbors can send you a referral code for $20 off your first order so you can try your first box for free without the styling fee.

Image capture from StitchFix.com


Amazon Prime Wardrobe

This has to be my favorite method of convenience shopping. This is a service available to anyone with an Amazon Prime account. It allows you to select up to 8 items of clothing to be shipped to your home without cost. You can try them on for 7 days before returning with the pre-labeled return box or bag. You are charged for whatever you keep. Prime Wardrobe carries an extensive inventory of clothing and offer a surprising range of brands including Levi’s and JCrew Mercantile. The Amazon brands of clothing can also fill the need for basic stapes in your wardrobe like solid colored t-shirts and shift dresses. It is convenient to have a whole week to try it on. MILMOMtip: I always order a box to be delivered near a payday so I have the most clothing budget available when making choices for new clothes.

Image from Amazon.com


There you have it, busy Moms! Happy shopping. We hope you can use these services to make sure you take care of your own needs while you are busy taking care of everyone else’s.

Tell us if there are any other similar services you love that we need to try and add to the list!

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