Valentine’s Day Costco Finds

Who says love can’t be celebrated at wholesale prices?! If you have a Costco membership this post is for you. We did a roundup of our favorite Valentine’s Day finds at Costco. This is good news for last minute shoppers and anyone that likes a deal!

Milmomtip: why not buy yourself what you are hoping might be bought for you? Or buy gift cards to put aside for future dates after fields exercises, deployments, anniversaries, birthdays or other special occasions.

SoCal Specific Finds

  • Restaurant Gift Cards. There are multiple kinds of local restaurant gift cards which a variety of local restaurants will accept. If getting a babysitter and a reservation aren’t happening this Valentine’s then you can get this or give this as an investment in a future date night! The Costco bonus you get $100 gift card for $80.
  • Padres tickets! Get a two pack of tickets in The Toyota Terrace. Get these as a gift to the sports fan in your life or to keep for a later date with your spouse, friend, or kid! $70 for the pair.
  • Legoland PlayPass for your littlest Valentine’s or Lego Enthusiast for life. $115 for a year of play and fun.

In-Store Finds

  • Champagne! Costco has a variety of sparkling wines for sale from Moet and Chandon to Perrier and Jouet. We saw bottles of Moet and Chandon selling for $37.99 in Carlsbad! Stock up for now and later.
  • Chocolate dipped strawberries. This holiday is the perfect excuse to get those, right? We saw containers of 10 larger dipped strawberries for $12.99

Online and In-Store

  • Spa Finder gift cards can be put towards services at a large number of spas, hair salons, nail salons, yoga studios, and more. You can get two $50 gift cards for $80, and currently are on sale for $70 until Valentines’s Day! Buy some to put away fro a future Birthday Ball, special event, or to pamper yourself when you need it.

Go out and find something for yourself, your spouse, your friend, or your kids! Valentine’s Day is the perfect reason to celebrate the meaningful relationships in your life…and why not do it at a discount?!

Tell us if we missed any great deals. We want to know!

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