Virtual Spring Break Day 4: Lego Challenge

Virtual visits to Legoland are few and far in between, unlike its California theme park friend Disneyland. So today looks a little different for our virtual spring break day. Today is about Lego building, Lego activities and a little LegoMasters! This day is mostly screen-free, and if you omit the LEGO games, would only have an hour of screen time. Let’s be honest though, screen time is sometimes the down time we all need, especially since it has been raining here for the last few days and outside time is very minimal.


Legoland has released FREE activity packets that you can download. They are on week 2 of activity sheets, so we printed several off to complete. There are coloring sheets, maze challenges like those that are in their hotel rooms at Legoland California, Silly Stories (Lego versions of Mad Libs), word searches and trivia challenges. There are also “Brick Tac Toe” (tic-tac-toe) sheets that we printed several of, reserving a couple for a future road trip.

The preschooler needed help with the silly stories, but the word search works on letter recognition so while it can take some time, she can do it. All the activities are suitable for elementary ages and up.

For a little quiet time, the girls took turns on the small screen device to play their favorite LEGO games. The free applications can be downloaded from the App Store or We have the building game Duplo Town for the preschooler and for the LEGO Friends fan in the house we have LEGO Friends Heartlake Rush, a building and racing game.

Building Challenges

In addition to printable activities, Legoland California has issued a weekly video with a building challenge. These videos are on their Instagram page and their website. If you want to build a cupcake, a dog, a star or a sphere, the Master Builder shares what LEGOs you need and how to build it. You can pause the video where needed to gather supplies or slow down the building process.

Just finding the LEGOs you need should get you at least 20 minutes of quiet (haha). These builds are using traditional sized LEGOs and would not recommend doing them with kids under the age of 4, or those who cannot keep small things out of their mouths. Please no ER visits!

New LEGO set

I had purchased a new LEGO set for Easter. Decided to dive in and do this set together with the girls. It is for ages 6+, but with close supervision we do it all together including the preschooler. There are LEGO sets that are 4+, and DUPLOs are ages 1 and up for the most part.


We don’t have cable, but we do have Hulu. Because LegoMasters airs on Wednesdays, we are able to watch a new episode as early as Wednesdays at midnight. You can also watch recent episodes for FREE on their website. The recent episode is Star Wars! Makes this nerdy family happy.

Do you watch LegoMasters?

California Resident Deals

If you are a California resident and have been eyeing some Lego sets from the Big Shop at Legoland California, there are deals on LEGO sets with FREE shipping until April 12, 2020. We have not previously seen these sets from the Big Shop on the website!


Part of the packet from Legoland California is a weekly art challenge. So our evening art was making our own LEGO characters.

Happy Thursday of spring break friends!

Want more Virtual Spring Break Days?

We did a Disney virtual day, Aquarium virtual day (complete with a “touch tank”) and “hiked” some National Parks! Tomorrow will be a wild time!

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