Ways to Re-use Packing Paper


Every PCS, we accumulate so. much. packing. paper.  After stuffing the majority of it into our recycling bin, I always save a box or two in the garage (or closet if we don’t have a garage) to reuse throughout the following year or so for projects like the following

  1. Mess clean up under carving pumpkins
  2. Coloring pages
  3. Packing paper for packages sending to family, friends, spouse, etc.
  4. Filler of lawn leaf bags for pumpkin decorations if you live in a place without trees
  5. Decorations for school projects
  6. Drop cloth under cake messes (here’s to you smash cake!)
  7. Easel paper filler
  8. Drop cloth under painting, coloring, any kiddo arts and crafts
  9. Gift wrap – let the kids color/stamp/sticker it up and re-use those clean and smoother sheets of packing paper for gift wrap for friends and family afar – it will be well loved!
  10. Cleaning – when we have been in a pinch at move in and I forgot paper towels, I used packing paper to wipe down windows


What is your favorite way to re-use moving paper? The good news is whether you re-use it or not, packing paper is happily accepted in the recycling bins and it will be recycled again this way too!

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